Cagliari - Sant'Ignazio da Laconi Shrine

Dear friend, welcome to this Shrine.
The Saint you see represented
with his open arms on home page
welcomes you in the name of the
Capuchin Friars, who look after this Shrine.
This is the Shrine of Sant'Ignazio da Laconi (1701-1781), who is very well known in Sardinia, and for whom the Sardinian people have a great reverence.
Two other Servants of God are also buried here:
Br Nicolò da S. Vero Milis (1631-1707) and Br Nicola da Gesturi (1882-1958).
The three were humble Capuchin Friars,
who served God in three different centuries.
They, by their example, invite you
to imitate them and their prayers well intercede for you. They urge you to live a better more christian,
more fulfilling life.
If you need to reconciliate with God,
you can find inside the church a priest,
who will listen to you and will understand.
Remember that this is your house
and the Capuchins will welcome you as a brother,
but don't forget that by coming back
your life will change.

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