The Shrine

Cagliari - The Shrine

As you can see in the photo, the Shrine is simple and there is no work of art. We want to point out only the most remarkable things from the historical and devotional point of view.

The right side

«Cappella dell'Immacolata»: in the middle you can see the sarcophagus containing the body of Br Nicola da Gesturi (1882-1958), a Servant of God.

The left side

In the middle of the wall, there's an ancient Crucifix and a fresco by G. Argiolas, a famous Sardinian artist.

In the background, on the left is the Shrine. In the middle you can see a glass "casket" with the body of St. Ignazio da Laconi.
On the walls and on the cupola mosaics by A. Gatto, a Venetian artist representing episodes of the Saint's life.

Finally, on the left of the shrine, there is a door reaching to the Saint's cell, once belonging to the ancient "Convent".

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