Andreas Fridolin Weis Bentzon
(Qui per la versione Italiana)

Andreas Fridolin Weis Bentzon was born in Copenhagen on the 23rd of May 1936.
He attended his university studies in this city where he entered the faculty of Ethnology of the University of Copenhagen. He was an associate member of the Dansk Folkmindesamling (Danish Institute of folklore research).
He came to Sardinia for the first time in 1952 during his High School vacation and returned in 1953-1955. He was awarded a scholarship which allowed him an eight month sojourn in Sardinia in the years 1957-58.
He wrote several articles for French, English and Danish magazines and he held programmes for Danish and Norwegian radio. Bentzon returned to Sardinia in 1962. During this three year sojourn he collected a great amount of information and he operated many recordings of the main Launeddas players of the time, such as Efisio Melis, Antonio Lara, Dionigi Burranca, Pasqualino Erriu, Aurelio Porcu, Giovanni Lai and many others.
The results of this research allowed the publication of two volumes on Launeddas in 1969, which are of great importance for what concerns Sardinian and non-Sardinian ethno- musicological studies (The Launeddas: A Sardinian folk music instrument, 2 vol., Acta Musicologica Danica n.1, Akademisk Floras, Copenhagen 1969). Bentzon came to an untimely death in 1972.

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