The Sarzi Family

The Teatro delle Mani
in was founded 1969 at Reggio Emilia, by Mauro Sarzi Madidini.
He was raised at the school of his father, Otello, a puppetmaster, who in turn came from a family tradition of theatre artists.

Otello Sarzi Madidini
Mauro Sarzi Madidini

The Teatro delle Mani Company

Ours is one of the first theatre companies aimed at a public of children; Mauro Sarzi has also worked for the State Television Company, and has collaborated with well-known authors of children's books.

COMPAGNIA In the 70s, Mauro Sarzi moved to Sardinia, where he based his puppet theatre which was recognised by Public Institutions; in particular, the Ministry of Culture and Entertainment, the Regional Department of Education, and the Italian Theatre Authority.
In 1986 the Teatro delle Mani was officially recognised by the Ministry of Culture and Entertainment as a Centre for Children's Theatre in the sector of production, staging research and experimentation: its activity was consequently divided according to two age brackets: Children (aged 4 to 13) and young people (14 to 18).

In addition to its regular theatre season, the company soon started a fruitful activity in schools, also developing workshops for teachers.



The Present

The Teatro delle Mani aims at setting up and running social services which benefit the whole community: we offer a creative and liberating employment of the spare time of children and teenagers. Their involvement in the puppet theatre, both as spectators and in workshops, is based on an educational perspectives, where the child is enabled to find ways of expressing him/herself and of exploring multiple ways of communicating.

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