Over the months of April and May 1995 we carried out the educational project: "Where do children’s dreams come from?" in two Elementary schools in Cagliari. The project included a puppet workshop, Masks and Shadows, Sound and Music Workshop, a Fairy Tale Workshop, Image workshop, and a Workshop with parents and grandparents.

Workshop at the youth correctional facility

Another stimulating project started in recent years involves young offenders currently held at the Youth Correctional Facility in Quartucciu. Small groups are involved in workshops for working with images and social-cultural animation.

We start from the communication codes used by youths, and introduce them to new, hand-crafted expression techniques, of immediate impact, both formal and informal; we aim at creating teams working creatively, in order to encourage new occasions for interpersonal communication and social encounters.

e) At its planning stage is the Gypsies Project, which focuses on the occasions for social acceptance and integration of gypsy children into the school.

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