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Almonds are one of the most used ingredients in Sardinian cakes and pastries. Chopped almonds are indeed the principal ingredient of: gattò which is also made with sugar or honey and orange peel. Culurgiones de mendula (almond ravioli), which are typical cakes made at Carnival time. Copulettas cakes that are similar to the meringues; Amaretti (macaroon) Suspirus
On the most solemn religious occasions such as All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day, typical cakes such as pane'e sapa or pabassinas, made of concentrated must and sapa, are prepared. Other well known Sardinian cakes are pirichittus, pistoccos, mustazzoli and pardule
It is worthwhile mentioning sebadas, which are a typical Sardinian dessert made of cheese and honey. It is important to remember that Sardinian desserts have different names in different villages.


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