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Salami and Cold Cuts

There are various Sardinian salami and cold pork meats. In fact pork is not only roasted but also used to make excellent salami.
There is capocollo, which is a salted and cured product that is eaten raw, made from the muscles of the brain area of the pig. Bacon where the fat of the pig's stomach is cured following the same procedure used for ham. Raw ham, which is made from the pig's leg and shoulder. There is also Sardinian sausage, which used to be home made but nowadays is produced on an industrial level and it is sold fresh, seasoned or smoked. The ingredients utilised to manufacture Sardinian sausage are: pork meat cut into pieces, lard, salt, pepper, aniseed or fennel, cloves and parsley. Wild boar ham, which is a local delicacy is in great demand by gourmets.


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