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CAMPIDANO DI TERRALBA is produced from red autochthonous grapes (Bovale Mannu) which are grown in the mid west of Sardinia. "Campidano di Terralba" is a wine of light fragrance, dry taste and goes well with white or red grill meat.

CANNONAU, is a red wine and Sardinian symbol. It is produced all over the island but has its natural habitat on the eastern coast of Sardinia. This wine is aged for a year in oaken or chestnut barrels. Because of its intense fragrance, its ruby red colour, its warm and soft taste Cannonau is excellent with roasts and game.

CARIGNANO DEL SULCIS One of the first vines grown in Sulcis was the vine that was imported by the ancient Phoenicians. "Carignano" is a vitigno whose origins are lost in time so it is hard to trace its history to determine its most probably origin. Nowadays it is called "Carignano del Sulcis". Both the red and the white Carignano go well with grilled meat, mature cheeses, first courses and white lean meat.

MALVASIA FROM BOSA On Planargia, which is the hill overlooking Bosa, there are numerous little vineyards of the typical Malvasia from Bosa which is surely one of the most famous wines in the Mediterranean basin. The main characteristic of this wine is the fact that it is aged for at least 2 years. It has a golden intense colour and a full and enveloping taste. With pastry and at the end of the meal, both sweet and dry, Malvasia is appreciated cold as an aperitif.

MONICA DI SARDINIA The Monica grape was probably imported into Sardinia from Spain. It was called Morillo but over time the local people called it Monica. The vineyards that produce this wine are to be found chiefly in the mid-southern Sardinia. Monica is bright ruby red tending to amaranthine when aged, the bouquet is intense and ethereal. It goes well with first courses and with red grilled mutton and beef

MOSCATO FROM CAGLIARI In the province of Cagliari, this sweet and spiced grape grows. Moscato, jealously home made, is produced in the vineyards which extend from the Campidano area as far as Basso Sulcis, including the whole territory of the island of S. Antioco. The grapes are harvested when they are well ripened, but not yet withered. Moscato is a golden wine with intense and persistent bouquet. It is a typical dessert wine which is drank with cakes. For those palates searching for new tastes it is worthwhile trying Moscato with spicy cheeses.

MOSCATO DI SARDEGNA SPUMANTE Among its various clones, white Moscato is well known in Sardinia from time immemorial. Its presence on the Island dates from the Roman occupation. Moscato di Sardegna Spumante is made all over Sardinia and it is the only DOC spumante in Sardinia. Moscato grapes are the origin of this spumante which has a soft bouquet and fruity taste. It is slightly sweet and is very good at the end of the meal.

MOSCATO DI SORSO-SENNORI Moscato from Sorso-Sennori is produced in the vineyards along the north-western coast of Sardinia. Grapes are harvested when the grapes are well ripened, but not yet withered. Moscato is a dessert wine with a intense and persistent bouquet.

NURAGUS DI CAGLIARI The origin of Nuragus vitigno is unknown. According to various hypothesis the presence of this wine in Sardinia dates from before XII century BC, possible brought by colonists from Phoenicia . Nutragus is produced in southern Sardinia on modern grapevines which have taken the place of the old vines. This ancient vitigno produces a wine which has various bouquets and is softly pleasing.

VERMENTINO DI GALLURA Vermentino vitigno is known and is cultivated intensively in all coastal Mediterranean territories of Spain as far as Liguria and in the islands which are in front of these lands, such as Corsica and Sardinia. Although Vermentino spread all over Sardinia, it express its best characteristic in Gallura. Gallura is a parched land that is incessantly windswept by the Mistral winds and is not good farming land. Vermentino has an intense bouquet, it is bright straw-yellow coloured with light green glints. It is a dry alcoholic wine with a pleasing bitter taste. It is very good with sea food, fish and first courses.

VERMENTINO DI SARDEGNA This is a relatively new wine in Sardinia dating from the last decade of last century. It was first made in Gallura in the extreme northern part of the Island. Vermentino spread from Gallura to all the main wine producing areas in Sardinia most of all in the provinces of Sassari and Cagliari. Vermentino vitigno produces a low alcohol wine and it is very good cold as an aperitif and with soups , lobster and fish.

VERNACCIA DI ORISTANO Sardinian vernaccia, whose grapes seem to grow only in the Tirso valley, in the province of Oristano, takes its name from the Latin word "vernum" which means Spring. The diffusion of Vernaccia in XIV century is due to Eleonora d'Arborea who imposed strict rules on vineyards which had to cultivate their vines rationally following the rules of Carta de Logu. Vernaccia is amber-yellow coloured and has the intense bouquet of the almond flower. It has dry, warm and slightly bitter taste and it is surely among the best conversation wines in the Mediterranean area.


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