The Launeddas
the ancient musical instrument of Sardinia

Sonus de Canna
All this has been possible thank to the passion, enthusiasm and hard job of our Association : Sonus de Canna ( it means: canes' sound). Come in and see who we are and what we do.

The origins of Launeddas
Launeddas is unique. It has been conceived more than 2 thousand years ago in Sardinia, the island at the heart of the Mediterranean sea.

Launeddas basics
See the characteristic of launeddas.

Launeddas' Players
They are few. They are the last ring of a chain long more than two thousand years. Know them. Listen their sound.

How to Play Launeddas
Circular Breathing. Your cheeks have to work like the Bagpipe Skin: let us show ....

How to Build Launeddas
Few Launeddas builders are left in Sardinia. Antonello Ghiani, the renowned builder and player will show you the technique.

The Schools
Where to learn launeddas.

Launeddas in the World
Great international musicians went in Sardinia to see, to listen and study Launeddas.