The area of Gallura is a typical example of a region within a region. With its language, its cultural traditions and the particular character of its inhabitants, it becomes a homogeneous entity, very well distinguishable from the rest of the 'continent' Sardinia.

This area is also the region of the Costa Smeralda and of some of the most famous tourist spots in the whole Mediterranean Sea.
With its two distinct "capitals", representing two very different realities, the region of Gallura can be visited following two itineraries: one taking the tourist to the interior, and the other plounging him/her into the spectacular beauties of the coasts.
The interior part of Gallura includes the towns of Tempio Pausania, Aggius, Calangianus, Berchidda, Monti, Luras. The natural beauty of the landscapes in the interior of this region has no comparison and the country with its typical houses, "stazzi", is characterised by varied and intense colours. The valley of Aggius, know also as "the valley of the moon", is a beautiful one.
This part of the region can be seen in a day. The most famous part of Gallura, that of the beautiful coasts, includes the towns of Olbia, Golfo Aranci, Loiri-Porto San Paolo, Arzachena, Palau, La Maddalena, Santa Teresa di Gallura, Porto Cervo, and Porto Rotondo.
The exceptional beauty of the coasts, the beaches, and the vegetation with its magnificent colours have all contributed to transform this area in one of the most visited summer-holidays resorts. The opportunities offered are innumerous; the region offers everything a tourist can wish to make his/her stay an unforgettable one. A tour of the "golden" Gallura requires at least three days.