Leaving Cagliari and travelling along highway n. 130, the visitor reaches the town of Iglesias, which deserves a long visit. Before arriving at the mining town though, it would be advisable to stop in Domusnovas to pay a visit to the caves of St. Giovanni and the valley of Orridda.

Before that, going through the town of Siliqua, it is possible to admire the ruins of the castle of Acquafredda in the Cixerri valley. It is also known as the 'Count Ugolino' castle, the same count that Dante celebrates in the 33rd canto of the 'Inferno' and who ruled the Cixerri valley during the Middle Ages.
Taking a small detour from the highway, one can reach the village of Villamassargia in order to visit the churches of St. Maria della Neve, built in 1318 in the Old Romanesque style, and that of Nostra Signora del Pilar.
Returning on the highway, the visitor arrives at Iglesias, a town with a very ancient history (it used to be called 'Villa Ecclesiae') and at the same time a very important mining centre. Sights not to be missed are the old town centre, with the Cathedral of St. Chiara and the church of St. Francesco; the seaside area, with the coasts of Nebida and Masua, the cliff of Pan di Zucchero, the mines of Porto Flavia and Cala Domestica; the mining and industrial complex of Monteponi.