This itinerary begins in the Iglesiente region and reaches the Sulcis area. It is rich in detours towards the coast or the rocky internal regions, and is characterised by a predominantly mining structure, which, because of various examples of industrial archaeology, has transformed all aspects of the territory from the landscape to the environment and the towns. The first villages one encounters are Gonnesa and Portoscuso, both old tunny-fishing grounds. Continuing on the highway one reaches Carbonia, an example of a modern town , entirely designed and inaugurated in 1938 by Mussolini, who wanted it to be a coal mining centre. Here it is possible to visit the important archaeological site of Monte Sirai. The itinerary becomes particularly interesting if one takes a detour and arrives at Tratalias and the medioeval church of St. Maria. The archaeological monuments of Villaperuccio (the necropolis of Montessu) and those of Santadi (the underground sanctuary of Su Benanzu, the forest of Pantaleo and the beautiful caves of Is Zuddas), represent other high lights of this itinerary. Before reaching Teulada the visitor encounters the seaside area of St. Anna Arresi (a small village where one can visit an interesting nuraghe right in the main centre of the village), with the beach of Porto Pino, pictouresque tourist resort.