Touring the Campidano the visitor can discover various interesting places to be reached taking detours from the main highway of the island, n.131, the so called 'Carlo Felice'. In San Sperate, for example, it is possible to see unusual murales (wall paintings) and the works of the famous Sardinian sculptor Pinuccio Sciola. Reaching Nuraminis one can visit the Proto-Nuraghic hut of Sa Korona. In Sanluri the visitor must stop to see the castle of Eleonora D'Arborea and the nearby Risorgimental museum. Sardara offers the church of St. Gregorio and the Nuraghic well-temple of St. Anastasia, while in Samassi and Serramanna respectively, one can visit the churches of St. Gemiliano and St. Leonardo. Besides the church of St. Pietro Villamar offers an important painting, representing the Madonna d'Itria, to be seen in the parish church. Going through St. Gavino and continuing this journey around the Campidano, one reaches Gonnosfanadiga and Monte Linas, with the beautiful waterfalls of Muru Mannu. In the nearby Villacidro, one can visit Sa Spendula, a beautiful waterfall, written about by the Italian poet Gabriele D'Annunzio, the forest of Montimannu, and the old town centre, the same one that the Sardinian writer Giuseppe Dessì talks about in his book 'Paese d'Ombre'. Finally, travelling further north on the highway, one reaches Villanovaforru, where it is possible to visit its fine archaeological museum and the important Nuraghe and the village of Genna Maria.