Sassari is the second city in Sardinia after Cagliari. The opportunities to make a stop for a visit are various. First of all it is a good idea to take a walk around the old city-centre, where there are many churches: St. Maria of Betlem, St Antonio Abbate, St. Pietro in Silki, Santa Caterina and the Cathedral of St. Nicola. A stop in Piazza d'Italia, the main city square, is 'a must' for the visitor, as it is one in front of the Fountain of Rosello, ancient and precious in its structure. Another important stop is the Archaeological Museum 'Sanna'. Leaving Sassari and travelling towards the seaside, it is possible to arrive to Platamona. Other interesting places around Sassari are the Pre-Nuraghic altar of Monte d'Accodi, in the area of the Argentiera, an old mining centre, today used as a tourist centre and Stintino, a characteristic old fishing village, today very popular with tourists, with its tower of La Pelosa that seems to be guarding the island of l'Asinara.
The area around Sassari offers various places worth a visit. Going towards the sea, one reaches Porto Torres, where besides the Basilica of St. Gavino, one can visit the archaeological ruins of Turris Lybissonis and the Roman bridge. In Osilo, the visitor can admire the castle of the Malaspina family. Continuing towards the internal part of the area, one should stop in Codrongianus in order to visit the beautiful Basilica of Saccargia, and in the nearby village of Ploaghe, the parish church and its picture-gallery. Torralba offers the fascinating valley of the Nuraghi and the Nuraghic "palace" of Santu Antine. Going back towards the seaside area and travelling along the coast of Villanova Monteleone, one reaches Bosa. Here one can visit the old centre of the town and the area of Sa Casta; the river Temo; the castle of Salvaterra and the church of St. Pietro; the forest of Silva Manna and the coast of Capo Malargiu. The panoramic seaside road can be taken in order to reach Alghero from Bosa.