The town of Alghero requires a careful visit. Besides an unusual landscape it has its own picturesque character which comes from the historical and linguistic imprint left by the Aragonese and Catalonians. Walking around Alghero one has the feeling of walking around a Spanish town, or rather a Catalan one. There are many monuments such as the Cathedral and the Church of St. Francesco, various towers, such as that of Lo Sperone, and the old city-centre represents an artistic treasure of incredible value on its own. The surroundings contribute to make Alghero as a touristic centre of primary importance: Porto Conte, Capo Caccia and its splendid Neptune Caves, Porto Ferro, Lake Baratz, the only natural lake in the whole of Sardinia, surrounded by pine forests and Mediterranean "maquis" vegetation. Archaeological sites are also present: the necropolis of Anghelu Ruju and the nuraghe Palmavera.