In the northern part of Sardinia, on the Gulf of Asinara, stands Castelsardo, a picturesque village clinging to the top of a conic hill, with an extraordinary view on the Gulf, the mountainous region of Gallura and the first sight of Corsica. The town belonged first to the Genoese Doria family, and later to the Aragonese. The medioeval town and its citadel, Porto Fringianu, the Cathedral dedicated to St. Antonio Abbate, various domus de janas and the Rock of the Elephant, all contribute to make a stop in Castelsardo worth a visit. Moving from this town to the south, the visitor can reach the small villages of Tergu (the church of St. Maria di Tergu), Bulzi (the church of St. Pietro delle Immagini) and Perfugas (the church of St. Giorgio and the fascinating petrified forest).