Tempio Pausania is the main town in the Gallura region, situated at about 600 m. on the slopes of Mount Limbara. It represents a quite different kind of Sardinia, less dedicated to worldly pleasures, but more real, that of the interior regions. It is well known for its town centre, for its parish centre and the healing waters of Rinaggiu.
From Tempio, the visitor must make an excursion to Mount Limbara. In nearby Aggius it is possible to climb on the mountains of the Capitza Park. Going towards the coast instead, one can reach Aglientu and the coast of Mt. Russu with the beautiful beaches of Rena Maiore. Travelling towards Castelsardo, along the coastline, one encounters the wild beauty of Trinità d'Agultu and the brightness of its waters, together with the famous Isola Rossa (the Red Island). In this same area, in a crystalline sea and among fantastic rocks, it is possible to admire the beaches, inlets and gorges of the Costa Paradiso. If one has a little more time and wishes to make an excursion towards the interior of the island, from Tempio, going through Ozieri (a town that deserves a visit), one can reach Bono, with its forest of Mt. Pisanu, and Burgos, where it is worth visiting the Castel of Goceano and strolling around the forest.