Nuoro, the capital of the Nuorese region, offers various and interesting opportunities to stop for an intense visit. The speleological and archaeological museum, the museum-house of Grazia Deledda, the museum showing the life and the customs of the Sardinian peoples, are just a few examples. Mount Ortobene surely deserves a visit, in order to admire beautiful views and the small church of La Solitudine.

Leaving Nuoro and travelling towards the north, but not going very far, it is possible to visit the small village of Lollove and its church of St. Maria Maddalena. Continuing on this road, the visitor reaches the village of Orune and its nuraghic well-temple of Su Tempiesu, the village of Bitti, with its old town centre and the forest of Sos Littos, and Lula with its sanctuary dedicated to St. Francesco. Near Lula it is possible to visit the fascinating, impervious area of Mount Albo, a calcareous-dolomitic chain ranging for about 20 Km., rich in caves, underground rivers and ruins of megalithic buildings. Going from south of Nuoro, one finds Oliena, another village typical of Barbagia, where it is possible to visit the springs of Su Gologone, the area of Supramonte, the valley of Lanaitto, Mt. Tiscali and Mt. Corrasi. These above-areas require at least two days for a quiet relaxing visit.