This is an itinerary of about 90 Km., crossing the Barbagia of Mandrolisai, a granitic plateau in the centre of Sardinia, between Lake Omodeo and the Barbagie of Ollollai and Belvì. The road is winding but not uncomfortable and the journey takes place mainly on asphalt roads. Before leaving Laconi it is best to visit the palace belonging to the Aymerich family, the city park and the castle.
The landscape of the Mandrolisai is predominantly hilly although it also includes the steepest and rockiest peaks of the western Gennargentu. Various detours, such as that leading to Lake Benzone, complete this itinerary, together with historical and archaeological spots such as the sanctuary of St. Mauro near Sorgono, the nuraghic villages of S'Urbale (in Austis) and Abini (in Teti), and the villages of Atzara and Neoneli. From Sorgono one can reach other villages worth a visit, such as Tonara (its old town centre, the forests and its nougat), Desulo (the chestnut forests and the south-western side of the Gennargentu), Aritzo (with its surroundings, its forests and the valley of the Flumendosa).