This itinerary crosses the Barbagia of Ollolai, the most northern of the four Barbagie and perhaps the most different. The itinerary mostly follows the motorway n. 128, a very winding, but picturesque road. The principal detours are represented by those such as the one going from Sarule to the sanctuary of Gonare and to Ottana on the one side, in order to pay a visit to the ex-Cathedral of St. Nicola, and that, on the other side, to Mamoiada and Orgosolo. In Orgosolo, it is possible to admire the famous "murales" (wall paintings) and from here, through the road that goes to Oliena, carry out one of the most characteristic and representative tours of the Nuorese region, and also a day-trip to the Supramonte. Returning to the motorway, Gavoi with the Lake of Gusana, and Orani represent the most interesting places from a historical and environmental point of view, in an itinerary where landscape and natural views are predominant. Other relevant elements in this itinerary are the evident traces of the Nuraghic civilisation and the common expression of popular traditions and culture, identifiable above all in the women's costumes and the religious festivals. For those visitors wanting to spend a few more days in this area, an excursion from Gavoi to Fonni is highly recommended in order to pay a visit to the sanctuary of the Madonna dei Martiri and the central part of Gennargentu, with the beautiful landscapes and views available from Mt. Bruncuspina, Punta Lamarmora and the pass of Corr'e Boi.