This is an itinerary concentrating on the north-eastern Nuorese area: the Baronie, a name which from the 15th century, indicates the territories included between Orosei and Dorgali to the south and Siniscola and Posada to the north. It is an area characterised by a very varied landscape, and the itinerary follows the motorway n. 129 and the Eastern Sardinian road, n. 125, for a total of about 85 Km. Many detours lead from the motorway to the sea. Central points of this itinerary are the small towns of Dorgali and Orosei, the Giant's tomb of Sa Ena 'e Thomes (a beautiful monolithic stone) and the nuraghic village of Serra Orrios; Cala Gonone and the valley of Su Gorroppu, which are spectacular from the environmental point of view. Having arrived in Siniscola it is possible to visit the beach of Berchida, Capo Comino and the area of "La Caletta". Continuing from Siniscola along the coastline towards the north, the visitor reaches Posada, with its old town centre and the castle of La Fava, and San Teodoro, another important touristic resort, with its beautiful beaches of La Cinta, Cala Brandinchi, Isuledda, and Capo Coda Cavallo.