This is an itinerary of about 50 Km., entirely following motorway n.129, with a few detours all along asphalt roads. The tour includes a visit to some beautiful Romanesque and Gothic-Aragonese churches, but also various interesting archaeological sites, the nearby landscape, which is varied and very attractive, such as the detour from Bolotana going to the mountainous area next to the northern part of Marghine.

Before reaching Macomer, the visitor should not miss the detours to Silanus (to visit the church of St. Lorenzo, the nuraghe Mandrone, the fascinating complex of both the church and the nuraghe of St.Sabina); and to Bortigali (with its old town centre, the nuraghe Orolo and the church and religious village of St.Maria of Saccu). Macomer is a centre principally known for its products, but its historical importance must not be forgotten: one can visit the parish church of St.Pantaleo, Mt. St.Antonio and its archaeological ruins and the nuraghe of St.Barbara. Continuing on this road, the visitor encounters the village of Sindia, with its nuraghe inside the town centre and the abbey of St. Maria of Corte, and reaching the coast, the small town of Bosa.