This is a circular itinerary of about 50 Km. beginning and ending in Oristano. After having stopped in St. Giusta to pay a visit to the magnificent Romanesque cathedral of the same name, the itinerary, which is an easy one, continues by visiting the reclaimed areas around the small centre of Arborea, which were drained from a large marshy area thanks to huge work of reclamation and now have the aspect of a flourishing oasis, so rationally organised as to remind us of the blooming agricultural areas of Northern Ialy. For those visitors wanting to continue this itinerary and travel for a few more kilometres, from Arborea one can reach Torralba, where it is possible to visit the small fishermen's village of Mercedd“ and the lagoon, bearing the same name, and from there, following another national road and going through the village of Uras, the visitor can reach Ales to pay a visit to the Cathedral of St. Pietro and the mountainous area of Mt. Arci. Mogoro and Samugheo are two centres of the Oristanese, the first one to the south and nearest to Terralba, while the second one is to the north towards the internal part of the island. Both villages can be reached by continuing the itinerary after leaving the small town of Ales, and are important for their handicrafts. From Samugheo the visitor can reach Fordongianus to pay a visit to the Romanesque church of St. Lussorio and the Roman thermal baths, probably built during the 1st century in order to make use of the hot water springs, still present today. The complex presents a rectangular swimming-pool (the "natatio"), of which the portico is still visible and around which stand a series of pools and other service areas.