The main route runs for about 45 km and goes along easy and comfortable roads. Visiting this region is worth while both for the beautiful views and landscapes typical of this area, and also for two very important artistic and archaeological monuments: the ruins of the old city of Tharros and the religious village of St.Salvatore with its underground sepulchre of prehistoric and pre-Christian origin, a pagan sanctuary of Nuraghic origins, centred on the cult of the waters and rebuilt in its actual design during the Constantine reign (4th century). In the fishermen's village of St.Giovanni of Sinis it is possible to visit the small church of St.Giovanni and the old huts made of marsh plants. The beach of Is Arutas and the island of Mal di Ventre standing in front of it complete the visit to the Sinis peninsula. During the same itinerary, the visitor will be able to see the largest of the Sardinian lagoons, that of Cabras, spreading for about 200 hectares. Here it is possible to admire a great number of different birds, some belonging to rare species. The marsh abound in fish, which the local fishermen catch thanks to ancient systems of fishing, travelling through the waters on the typical "fassonis", small boats made of reeds with a long, pointed prow, capable of carrying only one person.