This is a varied and structured itinerary, including a large detour that from Cuglieri leads to Paulilatino and later to Sedilo. In Cuglieri the visitor must not miss the church of St. Maria della Neve, Mt. Ferru, the archaeological excavations of Cornus and the beautiful seaside of St. Caterina di Pittinurri. Santu Lussurgiu, not far from Cuglieri, offers the possibility of visiting the museum of the Farming Techniques and the park, with the church of St. Leonardo di Siete Fuentes. Going via Bonarcado, one reaches Paulilatino and the religious and nuraghic village of St. Cristina. The main detour from the itinerary leads the visitor first from Paulilatino to Abbasanta (standing on the plateau bearing the same name), where a visit to the nuraghe Losa is a must; then to Ghilarza (to visit the church of S. Palmerio, the Aragonese tower, the lake Omodeo, the church of S. Pietro in Zuri, the river Tirso); to Tadasuni, in order to visit the museum of the Sardinian Musical Instruments; and last, but not least to Sedilo to admire the beautiful small church of St. Costantino (where a festival and a spectucalar horses race are celebrated each July).